tsop1738 ir receiver
TSOP1738 IR Receiver for Arduino IR Remote Control
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TSOP1738 IR Receiver for Arduino IR Remote Control


The tsop1738 IR receiver links to microcontrollers in most applications. This is a wonderful receiver if you simply need to communicate one way over a small distance.

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Overview tsop1738 ir receiver

Infrared receiver TSOP1738 functions as a switch and converter in a circuit. IR signals are the single input and output for this device, which has only one input and output. TSO1738’s primary function is the electric signal conversion from an infrared signal. The frequency at which an IR receiver operates is unique to that receiver. On the 38KHz IR frequency, the TSOP1738 works. A current leakage or any other fault may cause the device to function at a higher or lower frequency, but it will not fully perform. A silicon-based technology, which works at the micro-level and is extremely sensitive and efficient, is used. A microcontroller and microprocessor are used to make TSOP both smarter and more secure.

Features of tsop1738 ir receiver:

  • With this device, you get an IR receiver and an amplifier all in one.
  • A special frequency level makes it work with a specific device.
  • An inbuilt bandpass filter prevents any ambient light, notably sunshine, from entering the device.
  • In the case of analog signals, the internal filter provides PCM frequency.
  • If you have a TTL/CMOS microcontroller or IC or CPU, you can use this device.
  • Even though the IC has several features packed into a single package, it nonetheless consumes very little power, and only when it is in use. The power usage decreases when the device is in standby mode.
  • It is possible to transport and receive data at the same rate using the TSOP1738.
  • It is a low-output active device.

Specifications of tsop1738 ir receiver:

  • Operating voltage and current range from -0.3 to 6.0 V and 5mA, respectively, for TSO.
  • The power input determines the output voltage and current.
  • Within the 100 0C temperature range, you’ll find an internal connection.
  • A temperature range of -25 to 85 0C is supported by the TSOP1738, and it can also be stored.
  • At a maximum temperature of 85 0C, its power consumption is 50 mW.
  • In order to prevent the IC from burning when soldered, it must be kept at a temperature no higher than 260 0C near its pins.

Applications of tsop1738 ir receiver:

  • TSOP1738 may be smaller, but it’s still a crucial part of the vast majority of modern products. Like a television, air conditioning, and so on.
  • It’s used in IR transmitter-based security systems like object detection.
  • In line-following robots, the TSOP1738 is used.
  • TSOP1738 can be used to build a hear beat sensor.
  • Many modern security systems in the Internet of Things (IoT) use TSOP1738 with many uses.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * tsop1738 ir receiver


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