neo6mv2 gps module
GY NEO6MV2 NEO6M V2 GPS Module with Antenna and EPROM
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GY NEO6MV2 NEO6M V2 GPS Module with Antenna and EPROM


Neo6mv2 GPS module Included Kit:

  • NEO-6M GY-GPS6MV2 GPS module with onboard EEPROM
  •  GPS Antenna
  •  1×4 male header

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Ublox Neo6mv2 gps module For Arduino With Large Antenna

The Neo6mv2 gps module GPS module ( Datasheet) for Arduino is a sturdy and reliable GPS device, particularly because of its low price and small size.

Fully compatible UART devices, such as those of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and those from the MSP series of microprocessors manufactured by Texas Instruments. Possibilities of positioning accuracy of just under 2m, and an astonishing velocity precision of <0.1m/s.

When neo6mv2 gps module is powered up, it will immediately receive the satellite signal to perform a fix of its position. After fixing, the onboard LED will light up to verify that it has been fixed. Neo6mv2 gps module will then continue to blink until the moment it has made a fix to its position!

Neo6mv2 gps module Features

  • Input Supply Voltage Variable: 3.7V-6V, an onboard voltage regulator is maintained at 3.3V
  • I/O Limit Logic: 3.6V
    • We’ve tested it using a unidirectional connection to 5V serial pins on an Arduino and it seems to function perfectly, however, longer durations of time could be different.
    • For use with the 5V logic device like an Arduino We recommend level changing your 5V TX signal by using any of these methods:
      • Two 1N4148 diodes that are connected to the TX pin of your 5V device as well as the RX pin of the GPS module (will reduce in voltage down to ~3.6V)
        • It is only recommended for baud rates of 9600 or less
      • Make use of a logic level converter module like the Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter from Addicore
  • WAAS (Wide Affinity System) is a GPS unit
  • 1 second before the first fix (TTFF) in hot beginnings
  • 27 seconds before the start the first solution (TTFF) in cold begins
  • Onboard LED will light up once the module is in a fixed position and will continue blinking until the module is fixed.
  • 50 Channel NEMA GPS receiver
  • UART 9600 baud as default, but it can be set between 4800 to 115200 the baud
  • 5Hz max update rate
  • External EEPROM to store configuration data
  • Four mounting holes with plated plating three millimeters in diameter
  • One additional non-plated mounting/antenna cable hole, 4mm in diameter
  • Accuracy of Position: 2m or better when combined with several good satellite signals
  • The Velocity Accuracy is 0.1 m/s
  • Maximum Velocity: 500 m/s
  • Accuracy of Heading: 0.5 degrees while moving
  • Battery onboard to power battery-backed RAM (BBR)
    • The battery’s charge is regenerated using a simple diode-resistor charger circuit derived from the voltage regulator’s onboard 3.3V output
  • 3 different types of modes for power (refer to the Receiver Description and Protocol Specification found in these documents to get details about configuring operational mode)
    • Two modes of continuous operation:
      • Maximum Performance Mode is continuously using the engine for acquisition, which results in the fastest possible time to fix (TTFF)
      • Eco Mode optimizes the usage by the engine in order to reduce current consumption
    • One intermittent operation mode
      • Power Save Mode draws only 11mA using cycles of tracking and has configurable update times, which decreases the power consumption of the average user by a significant amount.
  • Hotstart sensitivity -156dBm
  • Weight: 17.6g (0.6oz)
  • Dimensions of the GPS Module Dimensions of GPS Module: Dimensions of GPS Module: 36mm (1.42″) and 25.8mm (1.02″‘) x 4mm (0.16″)
  • Size of Antenna: 25.5mm (1”) x 25.5mm (1″‘) x 8.8mm (0.35”)

ublox Neo6mv2 gps module Specifications:

Receiver Type 50 channels, GPS L1(1575.42Mhz)
Horizontal Position Accuracy 2.5m
Navigation Update Rate 1HZ (5Hz maximum)
Capture Time Cool start: 27sHot start: 1s
Navigation Sensitivity -161dBm
Communication Protocol NMEA, UBX Binary, RTCM
Serial Baud Rate 4800-230400 (default 9600)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Operating Voltage 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Operating Current 45mA
TXD/RXD Impedance 510Ω


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