MOC3021 optocoupler
MOC3021 Optocoupler
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MOC3021 Optocoupler




  • AC Light dimmers
  • Strode lights
  • AC motor control speed
  • Noise coupling circuits
  • Controlling AC loads by using MCU/MPU
  • Ac/DC Control of power

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MOC3021 Features and Specifications

  • Opto-isolator that has Zero-Crossing Triac Driver
  • Input LED Diode Forward Voltage: 1.15V
  • LED Forward Latch Current: 15mA
  • TRIAC output terminal voltage: 400V (max)
  • TRIAC maximum output current 1A
  • Available in 6-pin PDIP with or without M-suffix

Additional information are available on the MOC3021 datasheet that can be downloaded Click Here:

MOC3021 Phototransistor Optocoupler Uses:

MOC3021 optocoupler is a Zero-Crossing TriAC controlled Optocoupleror Optoisolator. As we know the term Optocoupler/optoisolater means the same that is we use light to indirectly couple to sets of circuits. The main advantage of MOC3021 is the fact that it can be zero-crossed and is powered by an Triac.

Because the output is powered by the TRIAC it is able to drive loads that are up to 400V. The triac conducts in both directions so that managing AC loads won’t be an issue. Furthermore, because it is zero-crossing and when an AC load is turned on for the first time, the TRIAC will begin conducting only when the AC wave is at 0V. This allows us to prevent direct voltages that are too high to the Load , thus protecting it from damage. Also, it comes with a reasonable rise and fall period and therefore is able to regulate its output voltage.

The feature of the MOC3021 makes it a great choice to control high-voltage AC loads using digital controllers such as MPU/MCU. Because the output is controlled, it is possible to control the intensity of the light as well as the speed of an AC motor. If you’re searching for an opto-isolator to control an AC application via DC and AC, then this IC could be the best option for you.


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