Imax B3 Pro Compact Charger B3AC 2S 3S 7.4V 11.1V For Lithium LiPo RC Battery
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Imax B3 Pro Compact Charger B3AC 2S 3S 7.4V 11.1V For Lithium LiPo RC Battery


With the progress of technology for electric and the advancement of electric technology, we now have a revolutionary design for simple balance chargers for 3 and 2 cells LiPo fast-charging batteries and an AC input that is wide. An internal AC switch with 100-240V power source is built-in and the high-precision balance circuit is able to supply more current up to 850mA for each cell. Double-colored LEDs show the charging process (RED is charging; GREEN: fully). The charger is small and light, particularly it has a separate balance port for each battery pack.

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IMAX the RC B3 Pro Lithium battery Balance Charger 2S – 3S] is an electric charger for lithium batteries, that can charge 2 or 3 cells in Lithium battery (LiPo battery) in a balanced way. This charger is connected to city power that ranges from 110V to 220V AC. The charger can generate charging power using 7.4V DC power output to a 2 cell LiPo battery , or 11.1V DC output for three cells of batteries , with 700mA per cell. It actually functions as a carregador to the zippy turnigy battery packages.
Instruction for work:
Connect the charger to the city power and then wait for three power LEDs to change to green.
When you connect the battery pack to the charger, the power light turns to red and the charging begins.
When the power LED turns back to green, remove the batteries that are fully charged.
The charger comes with two LED indicators on each cell to display these states:
Watch for status changes with an orange blinking light.
Status of charging with the red light that continues to blink.
Fully charged as well as ready-to use with the green light.
Failure to be in status by an red blinking light.

Voltage of the power supply: 110V240V AC
Output voltage: 2-cell(7.4V), 3-cell(11.1V)
Output current: 3x 700mA
Max charger current: 3 x 850mA
LED indicator displays the following: Wait: Green The indicator also shows Charging: Red. Full Green LED indicator, Fault: Red flashing light
Power plug: EU plug
Material of the case is plastic
Size: 90mm x 55mm x 35mm


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