Arduino Uno CNC shield v3
CNC Shield V3.0
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CNC Shield V3.0



Arduino Uno CNC shield v3 expansion board as a driver expansion board is designed to be used with engraving machines and 3D printers. It has a total of four slots that can be used to drive four A4988 stepper motors. Road stepper motors require only 2 IO ports. In this way, six IO ports could be easily managed by three stepper motors. It is very convenient to utilize.
UNO to Arduino module IO port introduction to correspondence.

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Overview Arduino Uno CNC shield v3

Arduino uno cnc shield v3 is able to be utilized as a driver expansion device for 3D printing machines, engraving equipment and many other equipment. There are four slots on the board to accommodate stepper motor drive module, which that can be used to drive four stepper motors. Each step stepper motor needs only two IO ports, which is, 6 IO ports are able to handle three stepper motors. it’s very user-friendly. After installing CNC Shield V3.0 into the Basic board and installing GRBL firmware, you will be able to easily build an CNC machine for engraving.

Arduino Uno CNC shield v3 Extra pins:

Limit switch pins are multiplied to ensure that every one includes two limit switches “Top+” along with a “Bottom /-“. This makes it simpler to set up two limit switches per axis. (For use with an open switch)

The End Stop pins could be linked to an emergency shut-off switch. This is similar to using the RESET button that is on the Arduino board. (We recommend that an additional emergency button be added that shuts off the power to all machines. An ACTUAL EMERGENCY BUTTON)

Control of coolant and spindle has the pins for coolant control.

External GRBL Command Pins are removed, allowing users to include buttons for Pause/Hold, Abort, and Resume.

Serial Pins (D0-1) and I2C Pins (A4-5) have separate break-out pins that can be used for future expansions. I2C could later be implemented in software to regulate aspects like the speed of spindles, or temperature control.

3.0 Version 3.00 of the boards included a jumper for configuring fourth axis(Clone another axis, or run it from Pin D12-13) Commons Header(RX+TX I2C) as well as an I2C Stepper Control Header(All pins required for running 4 steppers)


  • Shield type: Arduino Uno.
  • Firmware: GRBL.
  • Modular stepper motor drivers: 4.
  • Limit switches: 6.
  • Micro-stepping: 1/32.
  • Pros: Extra I/O for probing and spindle control, very popular board, great community support.

Package Includes:

  • 1*  uno cnc shield v3

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