arduino mega prototype shield v3
Arduino mega expansion shield
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Arduino mega expansion shield



Arduino mega prototype shield v3 can be used as a MEGA sensor shield. Arduino mega sensor shield works perfectly with MEGA 2560 controller board. You are able to easily connect this MEGA sensor shield into the MEGA 2560 control board.

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The new Arduino mega prototype shield v3 dedicated expansion board for sensors offers market expansion boards advantages all in one package, PCB Immersion Gold processed all of the analog and digital interfaces.

Arduino mega expansion shield can not only extend for the line of steering purchase in the form of ad-hoc Bluetooth module interface for communication, but SD Card Module Communication Interface APC220 radio frequency communication interface and the RB URF v1.1 ultrasonic sensor interface and also independent expansion is also easier to make use of in a convenient.

For the beginner, there is no need for an arduous circuit and hassle, it will make the circuit for the real purpose of this sensor expansion board. It is able to connect the widely used sensor.

Arduino mega sensor shield only requires a universal 3P sensors cable (regardless of the digital cable or analog cable) to finish the connection to the circuit, and write the program and the Arduino MEGA controller, which reads the sensor’s data and receives the wireless modules’ return data as well as operation processing. easy to finish your own interactive projects.

PCB with the finest Immersion Gold processing

Plug it in to make it easier to set up a range of interfaces for modules that are commonly used.

Features Arduino mega expansion shield

  • Includes a reset button
  • Includes a power LED as well as a D13 indicator
  • Expands the analog and digital interface of MEGA to 3PIN
  • Includes a serial communications interface
  • Extends the ICSP interface
  • Extends an SPI interface
  • Extends a URF01 interface
  • Extends the APC220 interface
  • The ability to supply voltage to sensors via the block that is used for terminals (jumper caps off)

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