44e hall sensor
AH44E Digital Hall Sensor
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AH44E Digital Hall Sensor


A hall-effect sensor can produce an analog or a digital output, and both are widely used. As a digital output hall sensor, the AH44E  output is either low or high depending on whether or not it senses a magnet. Additionally, a pull-up resistor is required to keep the output high when no magnets are detected, as shown below.

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Overview 44e hall sensor

Allegro’s AH44E unipolar digital Hall effect sensor is the IC used in this application. This linear Hall-effect gadget, which may be driven by either a permanent or an electromagnet’s magnetic field, is tiny and adaptable. An inductor uses a magnetic field to produce an output voltage that is proportional to that of the input voltage. Because of the low noise output of the integrated circuitry, extra filtering is not necessary. Temperature stability and accuracy are further improved by using precision resistors. These linear Hall sensors have a temperature range of -40oC to 85oC, which is suitable for commercial, consumer, and industrial use. Pin1 is Vcc, pin2 is GND, and pin3 is output on the sensor.

Specifications of 44e hall sensor :

  • Hall-effect sensor with a digital output.
  • Operating voltage ranges from 4.5V to 28V. (typically 5V).
  • Output current is 25 milliamps.
  • It is possible to utilize a magnet to detect both of its poles.
  • The voltage at the output is the same as the voltage at the operating point.
  • The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C.
  • The time it takes to turn on and turn off is 2uS each.
  • Built-in protection against reverse polarity.
  • Suitability for use in automotive and industrial applications

Alternative Digital Hall-effect Sensors

A3141, A3142, A3143, US1881, OH090U

Other Analog Hall-effect Sensors

A1321, A1302, SS495B, ASC712

Applications of 44e hall sensor:

• Used in automation systems to detect magnets (and other items).
• Used in magnetic door alarm systems to detect intrusion.
• Automobiles are used to measure speed.
• Detect the polarity of magnets in BLDC motors to ensure proper operation.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * 44e hall sensor


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