3d Printer Filament

3D printing filament is a continuous thin plastic thread that can be placed on a reel for reasons of printing and storage. . There are numerous types of filament that have different properties, each requiring different temperatures for printing. At present, we have 3 common filaments, which include Engineering PLA ABS filament, and PETG filament. For all of these top-quality 3d printer filament Bangladesh Check out our categories of products below.

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aesthetics: Engineering PLA filaments can be used to make stunning visually appealing prototypes. It also has the possibility of post-processing like painting, or to be sanded for stunning models.

User-friendly Engineered PLA is by far the simplest Material to handle because it doesn’t have any specific workflow specifications.


The material is heat resistant : ABS has developed properties that are highly heat resistant that make it ideal for prototypes that are functional

Durable: ABS versions are not easily scratched and last longer if properly stored.

Extreme Elasticity Highly flexible, and stretchable.


UV resistant A lot of models degrade when left in direct sunlight. PETG is the most notable one that stands out in 3D printing.

Water Resistant PETG model can be utilized to store liquids or submerged with no degradation.